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Ad Process


Creating the Ad

Include a hook, such as a question, an unexpected statement, something that builds curiosity, or an invitation.

Include a call to action. Okay to ask people to click on the ad.

Don't be too stock photo-ish.

Include the most important info before it gets cut off and people have to click "More."

If the image does most of the talking, your text does not have to do much.

Be casual, conversational, friendly, and inviting. Fit into context of Facebook.

Button copy: Avoid "learn more."

Types of above-the-image copy: description and discount; detail copy: what it is, why it's special; stats; join me for a webinar; tell a story


1. 1200 x 627 pixels

2. PNG format.

3. No more than 20 percent text in your image.

Images with people are good.

Give specifics, e.g. dollars, percent savings.

Character Count

Headline (25 characters), description text (90 characters)

You can also include a News Feed Link Description - up to 200 characters


1. Using the Power Editor, take your existing list of subscribers and users, and segment as follows: 1) entire list 2) paid users 3) most active users. Once uploaded create a lookalike audience for each of these and title them appropriately.

2. Use Conversion Pixel to track.

3. Use the News Feed ads, and not the right-hand ads.

4. Audience Targeting.

5. Device: Target both desktop and mobile. Separate these into independent campaigns (not together).

6. Bidding and Pricing. Select "optimize for website conversions" and "automatically optimize my bid to get more conversions." Buy on a CPM basis and not CPC (CPC will deplete your budget much more quickly).



50x50 image

25 characters for the title

75 characters for the headline

Google AdWords


Focus on the customer, not on the company.

Be clear, not clever.

Choose Your Words Based on Their Emotional Connotations

Internal Consistency and Credibility Matter — A Lot!

Test the copy.

Use simple, friendly words.


25 characters for the headline

35 characters per text row

4 rows per ad (of which, one is the destination URL)

No pictures

No colors