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Blog Process

Questions to ask

1. Why does your blog exist?

2. Who are your ideal customers?

Where to research: 

  • Question and answer forums: Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and Fluther.
  • Social media: LinkedIn Groups, Twitter Advanced Search, and Google+ Communities.
  • Tools: BuzzSumo and Topsy.
  • Blog comments on other blogs your potential customers might read. 

3. At what point in the sales cycle are potential customers encountering your blog?

4. Which of your competitors have blogs?

Audit 5-10 competitors. Resources: QuickSprout, Open Site Explorer (by Moz), SEMRush Competitor Research.

5. Which keywords are you targeting?


6. Where will you distribute your blog content? 

Repurposing ideas: 

  • Take key quotes and takeaways from your blog post and schedule them across your social media networks, including links to the blog post.
  • Canva.
  • Split up the blog post as a string of emails to your community, with links back to the blog post.
  • Create a SlideShare.
  • Create an infographic. 

7. How will you promote your blog content? 

Create a list of influential people in your niche. Place deposits. Stay in touch.

Resource: Alltop and Alexa.

8. Who will run your blog?

9. How many blog posts can you commit to scheduling?

10. Which metrics matter to you?

11. What will you write about?

Theme: Solve customers' problems. Some ideas:

  • Questions customers are asking (FAQs, questions via email, webinar questions, social media questions).
  • Find out what people want to know early in the sales cycle.
  • White-paper content. Chunk it out. 
  • Tips and lists. 
  • SME articles. 
  • Company news and events. 
  • Newsjack.

Sources: Will Blunt (@willbluntau;) John Jantsch.