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The surprising marketing power of 2-ply toilet paper

-- or --

How story-driven content will make your business thrive 

-- and -- 

Why your lack of content marketing is not your fault

True story ...

Recently I was at an independent movie theater and before the show started, an employee came out and thanked the audience for supporting a business that kept ads off the screen and 2-ply toilet paper in the bathrooms. 

We loved it! 

But I've been to that theater a lot and only heard that spiel once. 

What if ... 

  • the talk was routine, so every movie customer had that wow moment
  • it was a bit different every time, so people looked forward to it, and it wasn’t repetitive
  • there was a way to create that personal, quirky brand experience for your customers even when they weren’t physically in the theater, when they could actually use that little share button on their cell phones

You think all that extra brand connection would drive word of mouth, raise awareness and most importantly, increase business? Of course it would. 

There’s just one problem …

Figuring it all out can be too much to think about for a small- to mid-sized business. 

It's not your fault

You probably know you need a consistent brand story* and that great content drives business success. 

But you're a businessperson, not a writer. And writing is a pain. And where do you start? 

Acme Content can help you. 

Structure, verve, and up to 95% increase in profitability

Say goodbye to scattered strategy and copy that tells the facts but misses the message. 

Say hello to process, rigor, and writing so sharp it will cut through metal -- the really thick kind, not just a Coke can or something.

With Acme Content, you get:

  • a clear articulation of your brand message
  • story-driven marketing-communications content 
  • strategy and processes to ensure your continued success

However, if you just want one piece of the puzzle, like a customer-retention campaign, or a re-write of your website, we can do that for you, too. 

(By the way, did you know that a 5% increase in retention can increase profitability by up to 95%?)

Why trust Acme? 

I'm Jeff Williams. I founded Acme to help businesses tell their stories, whether it's writing video scripts for Amazon, website copy for Holland America Line, or full-blown content strategies for software startups. 

Here are some highlights.


I built and executed the end-to-end content marketing for Capelli's Gentleman's Barbershop (first: Seattle; next: the world), and the software startups Cloudward, Scrubly, and Beaker Media.


I developed and executed a content strategy for the Travel section that led to a doubling of weekly page views -- from 900,000 to 1.8 million -- in 4 months.

Online retail

I led the project at Amazon to reorganize the site’s customer-service pages, which saved the company $3 million annually and earned me a small wood trophy.

I've helped companies you've heard of ... 

Like Microsoft, Expedia, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle Arts and Lectures, Holland America Line, King County Library System, World Heritage Alliance.

... and ones you haven't 

Like PhotoRocket, Scrubly, Beaker Media, Cloudward, Get Five Stars, Bertram Boo, Plainfield Press, 320 Sycamore Studios.

I can help you make money

Let's talk. 


If you don't love my work

I’ll refund your money. All of it. 

That's not true. 

I'll subtract a $5 latte fee. But I will refund the rest. 

Call me today to get the marketing content, strategy and social buzz you’ve always wanted and never had time to figure out.



A la carte services include: messaging, content strategy, brand development, ebooks, email strategy and content, employee onboarding guides, speeches and presentations, FAQ content, manifestos, one-sheets, newsletter strategy and content, PR and launch strategies, social media, video scripts, and more.


Remember this, if nothing else: You'll never go wrong with 2-ply in your bathrooms. 



*What's a brand, anyway? Here's my approach (full credit for this framing goes to Roger Horberry and Gyles Lingwood, who wrote a wonderful book on brandwriting called "Read Me"): 

  • There are 3 ways to think about brands: names and logos; what you do and how you do it; promises and expectations. These all connect.
  • Brand components: the big idea or brand essence; values; vision; personality.

  • Brand expression: design, name(s), employees, figurehead/spokesperson, products and services, language/story/copy (which is where I come in, though I connect to all of it).