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Buy -- Launching Products

Note: a launch can be the full Jeff Walker sequence, or just a sales page. The latter is perfect for products under about $300.



Rob Norback Launch Process

Opt-ins (Collect emails)

1) The Top 5 Tools I Used To Get 5000 Twitter Followers and 300 Email Subscribers in 2 Months (From Scratch)
2) The Top 5 Non-Digital Productivity Tools That Effective Online Entrepreneurs Use Daily

Email Sequence (Show expertise, value, trust, and sign up for webinar)

1) Welcome Email
2) PS - Difference Between Opt-in and an Offer
3) PS - Why Failing Makes You 10x Better
4) PS - Who's Your Dreamer?
5) PS - Create a killer Opt-in Bribe
6) SAB - What are your two biggest questions about building your seed list?
6) PS - Why You Need to Give Twitter Your Credit Card (Promote Webinar)
7) PS - How to create Raving Fans with Youtube Q&As (Promote Webinar)

Webinar (Provide the Symptom, Source, and the Solution)
1) The 5 Biggest Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Their Seed List From Growing

Sales Page (Close Sale)
1) Seed List Overdrive - Build a 300 Person Seed List In 1 hour a Day In 2 Months or Less, Includes:
- The Dreamer Path - This is the avatar exercised revamped to make it far easier to focus on your customer and what they need, choose an egoic label that will attract the right customers
- Make Content That Matters - Know what your audience wants to read and watch and consistently make and deliver that content
- Twitter 10k - be able to get new followers at will, learn how to use twitter to get interviewed and create partnerships that will grow your list, and build your list directly from twitter
- Facebook 1k - Learn the fastest and easiest way to create a thousand person following on facebook, without paying for it
- Social Media Leverage System - Learn how to use NextScripts and Google Hangouts on Air to create an amazing high value social media content system that works while you sleep
- Forum Fast Track - Learn how to use paid forums to get highly qualified email subscribers

Follow Up Emails (Drive To Sales Page)
1) I'm in the Hot Seat
2) Take a look behind the curtain
3) Is Seed List Overdrive Right For Me?
4) Here's why they joined
5) Closes tonight - you in?
6) Last Reminder: Seed List Overdrive closes at midnight