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Find Your Story

Discovery Questionnaire

1. Your Prospect

Who are they?

  • Age
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Marriage status
  • Kids

What problem do you solve or lessen for them?

  • What is their biggest source of pain?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What is their biggest frustration? (What words do they use to express it?)
  • What scares them?

Alternately: What need do you fill? (For example, if you're an artist or a creative.)

What are their greatest opportunities?

What are their hopes and dreams? Whom or what do they aspire to be?

Why are they choosing you?

What objections do they have to your service?

How can you reassure them?

What are people having problems with when it comes to understanding your product?

Do you know what your target audience ranks most importantly? 

Do they shop for products like yours with price front of mind? 

What were they doing before they found you? 

What was happening in their lives that brought them to this point? 

When did you realize you needed a project like ours? What was going on in your world that caused you to come looking for app designs?  


2. The uber-promise

What is the promise of change (the transformation) that you offer your avatar? In other words, how do you make their life more meaningful, easier, more fun, simpler, more interesting?

How do you deliver on that promise?

What would it cost your avatar to not be a customer? What are the negative impacts? What will they miss out on?

What are the ripple effects in their life? Whom do they positively impact as a result of the transformation they get from being a customer?

3. Getting to Why

What does your organization stand for? What's your purpose? Your cause? Your belief?

Can you give examples?

What makes you remarkable?

If you didn't exist, the world would be worse off because ...

4. Nitty gritty

Benefits: How do people benefit from using your service? (List three things.)

Features: What do you sell or provide? (List at least three things.) Or, what are the features of your product or service?

What action do you want people to take when they visit your website?

What do you want people to feel when they encounter your brand in other ways?

How do you measure success?

How do you engage and retain customers?

What other sites organizaitons do you admire?

What's your voice and tone?

Do you have any existing messaging docs or marketing collateral you can share?