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Hi, GMMB. I'm Jeff

Use my copywriting skills for good?
Pinch me


Hi. it's not that I'm using them for evil now.

I've added humanity to Google sales emails.

I helped Microsoft's youngest woman executive create her social media voice -- and get 1K likes on her first LinkedIn blog post.

And I've helped my B2B marketing agency humanize its brand. (I'd like to say I helped make Yesler's services pages funnier, too. If you do a Google search for "funneloscopy," a web page I wrote is the first result.)

Ah, but those emotional wins are too few and far between. So I'd like to use my skills for better. I'd like to be of service. I would like my professional life to more closely align with my personal life. I'm that weirdo who doesn't own a car and whose first choice for clothes shopping is Goodwill. 

Okay, on to your requirements ...

1. I am a senior copywriter who knows what that means and who knows what I do. I've written on brand and culture, created strategies, and delivered, um, deliverables. I am a student of copy and while I think strategy is neato, I love most nothing better than the sound of a great piece of copy clicking into harmony with the cosmos.

2. I am collaborative and I mean it. I created a culture of collaboration among Yesler's writers and work regularly with people from across the org.

3. I'm passionate about my clients. Actually, I'm probably a little more passionate about YOUR clients than mine. But I still love 'em and do great work for 'em.

4. I'm current on ad and marketing trends. I'm the guy who scours the latest from Seth Godin, Jeff Sexton, and that Ad Contrarian guy and then posts the links on the writers blog. Which I created. And I've read most of the old-school classics, from Hopkins and Collier to Gossage and Ogilvy to Halbert and Sugarman to "Read Me" and Copyhackers.

5. I know how to "sell the work." Well, okay, I know how to sell the copy. I'm not in a lot of pitch meetings, but I did have the marketing SVP of a $2 billion company tell me in a meeting last week that she was going to fall in love with me. I think she meant my writing, but still. It was nice.

5.5 I problem solver at heart. Yep.

6. I speak human. I write clearly. My copy gets people to do things. Like offer me a job. (Sorry, too soon?)

7. Humor-type stuff. Your posting says: "You like to laugh and have a good time. Work is work, but it doesn't have to be boring." 

Nope. Not me.

Damn. So close.

Jeff Williams