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Long Jump and Triple Jump

standard warmup sequence

  1. Low-level skipping. (4x40m) Focus on keeping hips square and relaxing. What's a good way to relax? Loosen your jaw. 
  2. Power skipping. Drive knees and opposite arms. 4x40m.
  3. 2-foot hop. 2x40m. Stretch high and forward.
  4. 1-foot hop. 5 in place right foot. 5 in place left foot.
  5. 1-foot hop, left leg, 20m, one person at a time.
  6. Then back on the opposite leg, one at a time.
  7. Bounding. 2 x 40m.
  8. 3 x standing TJ. 1 at a time for the first, then all together. 

On-runway drills

(Reference video.)

Finish into the pit.

  1. Skips for height.
  2. Skips for distance.
  3. Run-run-jump. (Land on opposite foot.)
  4. Hurdle jumps.~6 very low hurdles. 6-7 feet apart. Feet land almost together. 
  5. Run-run-jump with arm action. Big circular sweep with opposite arm. 
  6. 6-step popups. Put it all together. Standing landing. 
  7. 6-step popups with landing.
  8. Penultimate-step drill.