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Man Manifesto

The Man is Dead. Long Live the Man.


Listen, man, you'll be dead soon 

so you best get to that good hard work 

of connecting and loving and living 

for something big because in the end 

it's not going to be about how much 

you made but what you created, 

not where you went but how you lived,

not what you drove but how you dove 

headfirst into the ocean of your fears

and discovered you could swim. 

You're going to fail sometimes so fail. 

Then carry on. You'll fail better next time. 

Meantime, hitch your ass to some

transcendent why and bring your friends 

and family with you for the ride. 

Forget the nouns. Go live the verbs. 

Question every story that you tell yourself

and while you're at it question everything -- 

every single dragon telling you "you should."  

Hold on fiercely to the answers that you keep. 

Make connections. Make good. Make love.

And someday later when it's time, 

the universe will welcome you back home.

The man is dead. Long live the man. 

Now get to work.