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High Hurdles


Short hurdles: The goal is 8 steps to the first hurdle (sometimes 9) and 3 steps between. (When the trail leg lands, that's step 1.)

Long hurdles: Typical number of steps to the first hurdle: 21-23. Typical number between: 17-19.

Warmup Drills

Reference: UW Hurdle Drills Progression video.

I. Static lead and trail leg stretches. 

II. Wall drills

Lead leg: 10 each leg. 

Trail leg: 10 each leg.

Alternate: Break each drill down into its component parts. Knee drive. Knee drive and leg up. Knee drive, leg up, snap down. 

III. With hurdles in a row -- no space between them.

  1. Walkovers. Each leg functions as a trail leg in this exercise. 2x.

  2. Right leg over. Left leg over. (Both are between 1 and 2.) 
    Right leg back. Left leg back. (So now you're where you started.)
    Right leg over (between 1 and 2). Left leg over (between hurdles 2 and 3). Right leg over to meet the left (between hurdles 2 and 3).
    All the way through -- you always alternate legs. 

  3. Same as above, but bouncy. 2x

  4. Lead leg skips down the side. 2x

IV. Double-space hurdles

  1. Hurdle with a quick skip - using same lead leg all the way thru - step over with lead and then quick trail (all rhythmic - step bum bum). 2x

V. Spread hurdles apart more (to 3x)

  1. 3 hops between. Hold high knee up as you hop to hurdle on one leg, then step over hurdle, and bring trail over quickly and hold up in high knee position (step hold hold pattern). 1x

  2. Trail leg one-step. 2x.

  3. Lead leg one-step. 2x.

  4. Go over each hurdle with 3 quick steps between.

VI. Hurdles at 4x

  1. Full hurdle. 3 chop-steps between.

Rhythm drills/3-step practice

Trail: 3-step trail leg only. Hurdles at ~5 meters. (Reference video.)

Lead: 3-step lead leg only. Hurdles at ~5 meters. (Reference video.)

Full: 1-step -- hurdles at 3x spacing. 3-step -- hurdles at ~5 meters. (Reference video.)

Hurdle Dance

Video: Sally Pearson

Video: Men's High Hurdles