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Ideas for repurposing content

  1. Write a blog post that outlines the highlights of your workhorse white paper and teases the free download. Create a boilerplate text link to the sales page, then add the boilerplate text link to the body copy of all blog posts.
  2. Post chunks of the white-paper content as social media updates (which link back to the blog post, which links to the sales page).
  3. Create a video or series of videos.
  4. Turn the content into a Slideshare or Haiku Deck-style presentation.
  5. Turn that presentation into webinar.
  6. Record the webinar and feature it on your homepage.
  7. Create an autorepsonder series that delivers emails to prospects over the course of a month.
  8. Create an infographic.
  9. Write a manifesto.
  10. Turn the infographic and/or manifesto into a direct mail postcard for a targeted blast.
  11. Create a physical version of the white paper to give away at speaking engagements or conferences.