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1. Fizzle (affiliate link)

I used to get really lonely and frustrated being an online entrepreneur until I found Fizzle. I would get stuck over and over again and feel like throwing my laptop out my car window. Now I simply post to fizzle and get amazing answers from the community or the FOUNDERS within 24 hours.

Honestly, this is one of the most amazing community forums for online entrepreneurs on the web.

These guys are all about helping people build their "thing" online.  Membership includes world-class business training videos, access to the fizzle forums, and office hours with the FOUNDERS every Friday.

Did I mention the founders are Corbette Barr from Think Traffic and Chase Reeves who designed Pat Flynn's new look for  And that you get to chat with them just about every Friday?  This is worth the $35/month membership fee alone.

But you can try it out for only $1.  Love these guys.

Please know: I'm trying to win a prize of awesome coaching with these guys, so the link above is an affiliate link.

2. NextScripts (I apologize, their landing page is f*cking awful. Great product though.)

OK, so these next two tools can help you create something called a content leverage system.  Literally, you can film a video and upload it to Youtube in 5 minutes and have that 1 piece of content generate 50 pieces of social and blog content - AUTOMATICALLY!

NextScripts blasts your social networks whenever you post a new blog post.  It's super highly customizable and looks great when it makes a post. Don't underestimate "looking great" because most of the stupid autoposters out there make you look like an amateur or a robot.  NextScripts does not, and you will love it for that.  You can see what it does on Facebook at Look for "Newest from the One Habit Blog".

You can also use NextScripts to repost your content at regular or irregular intervals.  Very awesome.  So one post can create social media content for the next 90 days.  Pretty rad right?

You do need to do some technical nitty gritty to setup NextScripts. It's a Wordpress Plug-in and it only costs a $50 one time fee.  I love it, and until you get a Virtual Assistant, NextScripts is gold!

3. Zapier and IFTTT

Want to make the web do back flips at your command without being a crazy awesome programmer? Then you need Zapier and IFTTT.  These are super basic programming languages that allow you to connect web applications together.

You can use Zapier to automatically post your Youtube videos to your blog.  You can also use it to import names to a new Aweber list when people buy from you on Paypal.  Very helpful when doing your launch because you'll want to put your buyers on a different list from your prospects.

IFTTT does pretty much the same thing as Zapier.  Zapier seems to have a few more high level functions.

They are both free at first, so go give 'em a try! 

4. Hootsuite AND Buffer

You may already use these tools.  But really, you need to use both.  Hootsuite allows you to post unlimited messages, while Buffer gives you great content suggestions.  Use them both and you wont have to pay for either.

However, make sure that any article you post from Buffer includes your own twist to it!  Don't use their preformatted text because everyone else is posting the same thing!!! You need to look original.

5. SumoME

Want a free plugin that will make an insanely useful popup to collect emails? Look no further!

SumoME is crazy useful and FREE! You can put a bar at the top of your website to collect emails.  You can allow people to highlight text and post it to twitter.  Seriously, this is a powerful tool.  You can see it at work on my website at

Want to know how to make it even more powerful? Read this article. It will show you how to use the tool to get the highest conversion rates.


6. Tweepi

Honestly, I probably should keep this tool a secret because it's sooo effective.  Want 6000 followers on twitter in 4 months?  Well this is your tool my friend.

I use Tweepi to do all my twitter magic.  Essentially, I follow and unfollow 1000 people each day in 10 minutes with this app.  It's incredibly effective and no one minds as long as you post good content.  Include a link to your landing page in your bio and BOOM instant traffic.

Just make sure to follow the people who are following your competition.

I personally pay the $15/month for the premium version because it lets me follow and unfollow 200 people at a time while targeting only the most active people on twitter.

7. Quicksprout

Neil Patel is crazy with the amount of amazing content he gives away for free.  The link above will do a full analysis of your website, for free.  Extremely useful to see what's happening with your SEO, social media, and competition.

8. Google Hangouts On Air

Want to create a recorded video with your web cam in minutes.  Well here ya go!

9. Yesware

Ever wanted to know when someone important opens your email or clicks a link.  Well now you can.  It's FREE for up to 100 emails.  This tool is so amazing, I really don't know how I lived without it for so long.  It integrates directly with your gmail and outlook account.

It's free at first and then $5/month after that.  Sooooo worth it.

10. Typeform

Want to collect market data and have your community think it's fun?  Use this free form building tool.  It's extremely customizable and looks great.