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Here's the plan

  1. Identify your why, your purpose, your mission ... your story
  2. Describe what you do that no one else does. What's your talkable innovation?
  3. Capture your core difference in a pithy, memorable phrase.
  4. Visualize your ideal customer.
  5. Storytelling. How do you teach and keep story as part of organizational culture.
  6. Brand elements. How do they reinforce your story?
  7. Your unique process. What "this is how we do it here" process shows your key point of differentiation?
  8. Key indicators. What performance numbers do you need to track, and communicate, to everyone in the organization?
  9. Staff. What routines or processes do you use to keep your story top of mind?
  10. Customers. How do you measure and communicate results?

Source: "The Referral Engine," by John Jantsch   

Here's how you articulate it

Messaging, talking logo, manifesto, etc.