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Warming Up


Warmup sequence: Speed day and meet day

On a speed day, we use a similar warm-up program as on a meet day.

Practice like you compete -- especially on your speed/power day warmup. 

  1. Jog for 5-10 minutes (chatting pace).                    
  2. Leg swings. Lateral leg swings and Front to back leg swings - x 10 each (done immediately after warm-up run)
  3. Inchworm push-ups – x 10 (Starting in a Downward Dog position on your hands and feet, walk your feet as far forward as possible while keeping your legs straight. Then, walk your hands out, extending your body into a pushup position and lower towards the floor, arching your back so that your head and shoulders reach to the sky. Then, flow back into Downward Dog. Walk your feet in again.)
  4. Fire hydrant circles  –  walking 20 meters (clockwise and then back - counterclockwise) (By the way, can you check out the video right above the sprint/jump workout, in regards to sprint mechanics… we might need to rethink #9-11)
  5. Squat, 3 step walk for 20 meters
  6. Walking lunge for 10 meters, walking lateral lunge (alternating each side) (stand tall, lunge, step together and pause, lunge, etc.)
  7. High knee walk (hug knee) - for 20 meters. Walk back
  8. Fast High Knees. for 20 meters.
  9. Butt kickers. for 20 meters
  10. ‘A’ walks (20 meters)
  11. 'A' skips (20 meters)
  12. ‘B’ skips (20 meters)
  13. Skip for height – (20 meters). Walk back.
  14. Fast leg (right leg) - 20 meters. Walk back.
  15. Fast leg (left leg) - 20 meters (do you think we need this at this point? It takes some coordination)-at some point but maybe not yet.

Video instruction here.

Note to Captains

Please do at least these drills. Emphasize going slow, doing the drill well, and using good form. The purpose of this is to 1) warm up, 2) strengthen, and 3) practice/develop good running form.

Please split up - one captain starts the drill and one should be somewhere in the middle of the group/pack so the kids in the back have a model to watch.

Warmup: Recovery Day

A recovery day warm-up generally follows a speed/power day of training. On a recovery day we want to get the heart rate up and flush metabolic waste out of the system as we get some active flexibility work in.

The actual workout on this day will be less intense so the warm-up is set up in the same manner.

Athletes are not going to be running at full speed on these days so you do not need to reach high speeds and intensities during your recovery day warm-up.

Our recovery day is just that. Our body is adapting and resting from the day before and also preparing for the upcoming speed day that is normally the day after.


  1. Jog for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Pushups – 10
  3. Stationary Squat - 20
  4. Stationary Lunge – front 5 each, lateral – 5 each, diagonal – 5 each
  5. High knee walk (hug knee) - x 10 each leg
  6. Jog back to start.
  7. Lateral lunge walk w/ hamstring x 10 each leg
  8. Jog
  9. Lateral Lunge w/ squat x 10 each leg.
  10. Side Happy Skip back left.
  11. Lunge (cross behind w/ hamstring stretch)
  12. Side Happy Skip back - right
  13. 1-Leg SLDL (backwards)
  14. Happy Skip
  15. Inchworm – x 10
  16. Happy Skip
  17. Lunge w/ twist – x 10 each
  18. Happy Skip backwards
  19. Spiderman – x 10 each
  20. High Knee Skip