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Yesler coffeewriters site: Pretty much everything I know
about b2b copywriting

blog post: "We’ve genetically engineered this blog post
to be discovered by you."


Presentation: "What Writers do"


Case study: Rivet Hammer

3-part blog series on brand as culture

sales deck: Microsoft

social media toolkit: Microsoft

Landing Page: VMWare

Interactive quiz: essentia water

Wrote content and created the name for Essentia Water's fall 2015 lead-generation quiz. Result: a 10% increase in the size of the company's mailing list.

Wrote content and created the name for Essentia Water's fall 2015 lead-generation quiz. Result: a 10% increase in the size of the company's mailing list.

Video script: amazon business

website + ads: capelli's 

Screenshot 2015-07-14 11.56.21 BASE.png
Screenshot 2015-07-20 06.30.04.png

Guide: One-minute habit

Lead-gen guide to habit change: scrubly

White paper: everymove

Agency and Enterprise Clients


Demand-generation ads. Blog posts. Ebooks. Brand development.

SAP Concur

Brand development. Ebook guide to invoice automation solutions. Blog posts. Messaging. Website copy. Brochure and packaging copy. ABM emails and nurture sequences.


Ghostwriting for executive blog Case studies. Social media kit. Presentation copy. Demand-generation emails/landing page pairs.


Brand videos. Demo videos. Landing pages. Executive presentations. Content strategy.

Pitney Bowes

Content strategy. Nurture and sales email sequences.


Sales email sequences.

Holland America Line

Destination content. Website copy.


Content strategy for all help content. Executive speechwriting. Corporate communications.

Content strategy. Travel blog. Articles. General travel content. 

And ...

VMware, Code 42, Zillow, Target, Starbucks, Trident Seafoods.

Small- to medium-sized businesses

Essentia Water. Packaging copy. In-store merchandising copy. Clinical-study revision. Quiz for social media. Hansell Tierney. Brand exercise. Website content. Case studies. Trilogy Imaging Partners. Brand exercise. Website content. Sales sheet. Cloudward: Messaging. Site content. Demo video scripts. Auto-responders. Drip campaign. Retention content. Lead-gen artifact. PR. Launch plan. Capelli's. Messaging. Site content. Press kit. Drip campaign. Auto-responders. Social media. Employee onboarding. Employee training. Manifesto. Demand-generation campaign (ads, manifesto, head-shot Tuesdays). EveryMove. Site copy. White paper. Push-notification copy. Date Like a Grownup Master Class Launch. Strategy. All launch content. Cloudward. Video scripts, website copy. Arrow Jet. Website copy. Video script copy. Scrubly. Website copy. Beaker Media. Blog posts.


Personal blog posts: "In my family, there was no clear line between religion and track and field"; and more.

Speech for Expedia's president: "Opening Remarks, World Travel and Tourism Conference." 

Travel essay for Expedia Radio: "When we got the three rolls of pictures back from our trip to Switzerland, one was all blank, one was accidentally shot in black and white, and one consisted almost entirely of closeup photos of our 10-month-old daughter."